Parts & Accessories

Parts and accessories for your favourite Strider products

Here at Strider Sports we do as much as we can to ensure that kids of all ages have the opportunity to enjoy the joy of riding a bike. With our range of balance bikes (some people call them running bikes or glider bikes) we make sure that kids of all ages and capabilities can be included.

That said, sometimes you just want to kit out your little ones bike with a few little extras that might help them gain confidence, give better balance or just help them to look awesome at the skatepark or BMX track :-)


For the speed demons

If you have a little racer on your hands then a Strider Jersey is always going to go down a treat. If they tend to come off, or as it usually happens others help them along the way, a Strider knee and elbow pad will protect those important parts as well as a pair of Strider riding gloves or half finger gloves.

For the tricksters

We know how nail biting it can be to see your little ones jump, twist and roll their way around a track or skatepark, never fear – we have just the gear for you.

The Strider Freestyle Launchpad acts like a pair of footrests to assist with tricks and balance. Stopping is taken care of with a balance bike brake kit or you can always opt for the Strider Superhero Cape!

For the Snow Bunny

There’s no other way to say this but “These things look like so much fun”. Of course we’re talking about the Snow Skis for Strider balance bikes. If they made these for adults we’re pretty sure no work would get done around our office in winter!