STRIDER talks SAFETY - Protect yourself with these cycling safety tips

Author: Nicole Kotarac   Date Posted:23 November 2016 

Start Them Young with Safe Cycling Habits

If your kids can walk, then they are almost ready to ride. With Strider Balance Bikes, kids as young as two can begin their lifelong love of cycling. This is also the time to start teaching safety habits and rules. The earlier they learn, the more natural it will be for young kids to stay aware and stay safe while riding as they get older.

When to Teach Bicycle Safety to Toddlers

As soon as a little one gets their first bike, let the lessons begin. While it may be difficult to talk safety rules while they are having fun riding around on their bike, you should always mention the guidelines while riding. For example, at every corner, talk about looking for traffic, waiting for an adult, and staying visible.

Driving in your car can actually open up the conversation and help to demonstrate to young kids how important safety is. For example, you can talk about visibility issues when backing up in your own vehicle from your driveway or when leaving a parking spot.

When riding around, point out street signs and traffic light patterns. The more you point out the signs and markers on the road, the more kids will start to pay attention to what is going on around them. This is great for cycling safety, as well as for just being safe walking around, crossing the street safely, and staying out of harm’s way.

We recently shared a few tips on cycling safety with NSW Compensation Lawyers and offered a few pointers for parents who are looking for ways to instil good, safe habits in their kids. Check out the article, 'Protect yourself with these cycling safety tips', to find out how to help keep your whole family safe.

Bike Parks and Shops

While still young, take your kids to your local bike parks if you have any nearby. There are excellent parks, like Sydney Bike Park in St Peters NSW, that have mini traffic lights and roundabouts where kids can practice all the safety tips that you have been teaching them! A trip to the park with your bikes is also a great way to have some fun as a family, making bike safety an even more enjoyable experience for little ones.

We also suggest heading to your local bike shop and bringing your kids with you. It’s really helpful to get advice from the experts to ensure that your kids have the bikes, helmets, and other gear that are perfectly suited to their size and style. Taking the steps to ensure that cycling is safe, comfortable, and fun, you can set up your kids to enjoy all the freedom and joy that cycling brings!

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