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Baby showers can be a lot of fun, with cake, silly games and mountains of presents for Mum and Bub! It’s a time when friends and family come together to get excited, sharing their joy and good wishes. As well as being showered with attention, mums can usually expect to receive a range of goodies for their new arrival, from handmade gifts to hand-me-downs, brand new toys and even a stockpile of nappies.

But these parties are really a very new tradition. Baby showers like the ones we see today started in the 1930s, and took off after the end of WW2. The baby boom brought a baby shower boom! Since then showers have been getting bigger and better, even having ‘themes’ or fancy venues.

But what did people used to do to?

In Ancient Greece the celebrations would happen after the baby was born. These events were about blessing the new baby, welcoming them into the family, and giving thanks for their safe arrival. By the Middle Ages children might get gifts from their godparents on their christening day, such as ‘christening sheets’ for wrapping the newborn, or even silver spoons. In Renaissance Italy, it was all about mum: fancy painted ‘birth trays’ were popular in wealthy homes. They were used to bring food to the new mother, and she could show them off as decoration. Giving gifts to the baby became more popular in the Victorian era. As well as handmade presents, well-wishers had many more toys and clothes they could buy from shops because of factory industries. Today, we love giving baby gifts so much that we even send them to the Royals: Prince George received more than 600 ‘unofficial’ presents from Australia alone! Around the world today, we find special ways to celebrate with mum-to-be or the new baby. In Costa Rica the celebration is called ‘te de canastilla’ (basket tea), while the Nepalese have a dahi-chiura, where presents are given and special food brings blessings to the expectant mum. In Finland even the government gets in on the gift-giving: mums receive a ‘baby box’ for their newborn filled with clothes, sheets and toys. In Chinese culture the ‘manyue’ (full moon) celebration takes place when the baby is 30 days old, where they get gifts of jewellery and money, as well as practical items. There are so many ways to welcome a new baby, and choosing the perfect gift is part of it.

When we don’t want to give nappies or clothes they’ll grow out of quickly, we might like to give presents that they can enjoy for years to come. The rocking horse, dating back to the 17th century, was a great gift for families whose children would be riding real horses when they were older. They were in their hottest demand in the Victorian era. These days not as many kids get out and about on horses, but practically everyone learns to ride a bike.

So let’s get them off to a rockin’ start!

STRIDER Balance Bikes are the best way to get kids on to their first set of wheels, and the STRIDER Rocking Base and 12" Sport Baby Bundle lets toddlers get used to the feeling and movement of a bike even before they start riding. Suitable for babies 12-24 months, it’s fun, safe and helps develop balance and motor skills.

Welcome the new baby with a gift they can grow into - and a hobby they’ll have for life!


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