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Author: Strider Admin   Date Posted:25 May 2018 

Learning to Ride the Strider Way !


Many of us have a pretty dramatic story of when we first learned to ride a bike!


Whether it was brand new or a hand-me-down, whether it was a surprise or the result of bugging the parents for months until they finally gave in, the memory of riding that first bike stays with us - and not always for happy reasons!


There’s no denying that the first time you got up on that unfamiliar seat it all seemed pretty high up and intimidating. Even if you had training wheels on, your coordination and steering were just all over the place when you started out. Plus, you had to get used to pedals and brakes while you were just trying to figure out how to balance and turn. You probably felt like Bambi sliding around on the ice. Chances are when you were wobbling around you had your fair share of bumps and falls, a few surprise collisions with trees or gutters or unexpected gravel (but you were fine, with your helmet on). Early on, it also would have been pretty scary for the grownups who were trying to teach you, especially if you decided to zoom off down the hill before you’d figured out how to stop!


Learning to ride is a lot to take in all at once. It’s an important milestone for independence, and it’s still a pretty big part of being a kid.


Strider Balance Bikes make the journey so much easier. Suitable for kids aged 18 months and over, these lightweight bikes are an easy introduction to balance, steering and leaning, without having to worry about pedals. This teaches them important skills in speed-control and stabilising on two wheels, which is something they miss out on with standard training wheels. Your child can learn to move around on a bicycle while safely having their feet on the ground. This helps them to learn coordination at their own comfortable pace, so that when they do get on that big-kid bike they’ll be confident and ready.


You’ll find these helpful hints for teaching a child to ride:


  1. Make sure the height is right! Strider Balance Bikes have adjustable seating, so you can make sure the child’s feet are firmly on the ground and their knees are bent. This way they will have security and control over their movement.
  2. Cheer them on! Be positive and supportive. It’s ok if they don’t get it right away, everyone learns at their own speed. Speaking of which...
  3. Let them set the pace. It’s important for children to feel confident and decide when they’re ready to go faster or glide with their feet off the ground.
  4. Let ‘er tip! You can support the child, if they need it, but let them ‘right’ the bike themselves. With a Strider Balance Bike, they’ll easily be able to stabilise themselves when they feel the bike start to tip.


And, of course, remember to strap on that helmet and any other safety gear you need.


After they’ve mastered the Strider Balance Bike, they’ll be ready to transition to pedals.


Give them a hobby they’ll love with a skill they’ll never forget!


While the Strider 12" bikes are suitable for kids aged 18 months to 5 years, not everyone has the opportunity to learn to ride when they’re very young. That’s why we also have the Strider 16", for kids aged 6 and over, and the Strider 20" for the adults who are ready to start learning to ride themselves (it’s never too late to join the fun!).

Coming soon is the Strider 14x ! A Balance Bike and Pedal Bike in one.


Stride before you ride!


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