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Author: Strider Admin   Date Posted:31 May 2018 

Gifts and Returns: Can I ask for a receipt?


Getting the perfect present for a little one can be trickier than it seems. Sure, there’s so many toys, clothes, games and books to choose from you’d think it would be easy, especially for those first and second birthdays. There’s a huge range of different gifts we can give to help children explore the world in their toddler years: from sing-along books to tinkling xylophones, from blocks and balls to that all-important first bike (hey, now there’s an idea!)


But what if the clothes are the wrong size? Or your child already has a cupboard full of stuffed toys? Or maybe more than one of the birthday well-wishers have had the same great idea and you’ve ended up with THREE Strider 12 balance bikes? (As great as our bikes are as birthday presents, even we think three might be a bit much for one toddler!)


Asking to include a receipt with gifts is seen as a bit of a social no-no. Parents who send out birthday invites with a list of ‘presents we don’t want’ or requests for proof of purchase can come across as pushy or ungrateful. After all, part of the gift-giving exchange is the joy people take from carefully choosing something special for someone they care about, and it can be hard to accept that this gesture may have fallen a bit flat. We all want our gifts to be appreciated and when it comes to children’s birthdays, that look of excitement lighting up the little faces is absolutely priceless.

But sometimes even the most good-intentioned and well-thought-out gift needs to be returned for reasons beyond our control. These things happen, and while we might not feel ok asking friends or family to give receipts along with their heartfelt presents, when it’s our turn to give gifts it might be nice to offer the option of a receipt, just in case it’s needed.

Because gift-giving doesn’t always work out perfectly, Strider Sports Australia offer a 60-day ‘satisfaction guarantee’ returns period. We love our bikes, and we want you and your child to love them too. If you are for any reason unsatisfied with our product you can contact Strider with the proof of purchase - which is why that receipt is so important! We’ll talk through the issue, and if we can’t offer any other solution then we will arrange for a refund and return (please note that the return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility).


We also have a 2-year manufacturer defects warranty. Coverage varies for different models and rider weights.

To activate the warranty, your Strider serial number needs to be registered here.

For full guidelines and conditions, see our Warranty and Returns Policy.


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