BLOG: The BEST Toy for 2 year olds !

Author: Strider Admin   Date Posted:19 June 2018 

Best Toy for a Two Year Old

Two-year-olds are a tricky stage to choose toys for. Too old for a lot of basic baby playthings, but too young for lots of the fun activity sets and sporting goods. And definitely not ready for anything with small, swallowable parts!

You can end up with a bedroom cupboard stuffed full of toys that they hardly look at once the novelty wears off. That favourite new plaything very quickly becomes just another piece of clutter.

This is where STRIDER saves the day!


We’ve put together our top 6 reasons why STRIDER balance bikes make the best toys for two-year-olds (and beyond!)


1. They get a running start to new skills and independence!

Our balance bikes are the best way to introduce a child to the experience of riding. Training wheels on a heavy, big-kid bike can’t prepare them for the control and balance they’ll need to ride safely, and adding pedals to the mix can be too much too soon.


STRIDER balance bikes help new riders develop that all-important balancing skill, with the added safety of having feet close to the ground and a low, stabilising centre of gravity. With a little help from an adult to get started, kids can master a balance bike fairly independently. Toddlers can start learning to ride as soon as they can walk. It’s really that easy, and builds big confidence in little riders!


2. It’s the only bike they’ll need!

Because it can be used from 18 months until around 4 years, the STRIDER 12 replaces all the bikes in between, from flimsy toy trikes to bicycles with training wheels. The balance bike has these early needs covered. The seat is height-adjustable for when kids start getting bigger, so a STRIDER 12 can take them all the way up to a ‘big kid’ pedal bike, when they are finally ready. Of course, by then they’ll love it so much they’ll need to be coaxed off!


3. Safety comes first!

Not only do STRIDER bikes pass the safety tests for kids 18 months and above, they’ll also make your little riders feel much more secure. Because riders control the speed with their ‘stride’ instead of pedalling, they can move at their own pace. You don’t have to worry about wobbly steering and out-of-control speeds either.


While there are always a few stumbles along the way to mastering a new skill, the lightweight, stable and easily controlled STRIDER bikes mean that these will be less frequent and less serious.


4. It’s easier to stride before you ride!

STRIDER balance bikes help kids learn to ride sooner. Because they are light and built for smaller kids, you don’t need to wait until a child is big enough for a full pedal bike before teaching them to ride. With a STRIDER, a child can be a bike master by age 3 or 4, rather than having to wait like kids with standard bikes and stabilisers who might not fully learn until 5, 6 or even 7 years of age. Balance bikes give kids a great head start, so that as soon as they are strong enough and feel ready for a big pedal bike they can jump straight on.


5. Family bike rides become a breeze!

Toddlers trundling along on little toy trikes or struggling with a too-big, too-heavy training-wheel bike can find it hard to keep up with adults and older kids. Bike rides become stressful for everyone instead, and little kids quickly get tired or stop having fun.


STRIDER balance bikes make it easier for them to glide along at an easy pace with the rest of the group. Every kid deserves to have fun on a family weekend adventure. Balance bikes help everyone participate at a comfortable pace, making the whole outing much easier and more enjoyable for parents and siblings. Those lil Striders will feel just like one of the big kids!


6. Almost unbreakable! (Well, unless you try really, really hard to wreck them)

The research behind the Strider design means that our products are prepared for basically anything your little rider can throw at them. With strong clamps, injection moulded seats, quality welds and wheels with sealed bearings, the nuts ‘n’ bolts of our bikes are tough and durable. A frame of lightweight steel and aluminium means that it won’t break or warp like wooden toy bikes or toddler trikes, and it also makes them easy to pick up and store safely.


While we have a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee, and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, we find that these bikes last long enough even to be passed on to other toddlers, once your child is ready to ‘graduate’ to a full pedal bike.


If you’d like some guidance or more information about picking the perfect balance bike, just get in touch and we’d be happy to help.


Join the STRIDER family, and join the fun!

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