BLOG: LEARN TO RIDE Part 3 - Riding Defined

Author: Strider Admin   Date Posted:25 July 2018 

What Is Riding and How Do You Define it ?


What defines riding? Does pedaling define riding? Downhill mountain bikers don’t pedal, road bike riders descending a highway don’t pedal, BMX riders in a half pipe don’t pedal, and motorcyclists don’t pedal. They are all riding. So what do they all have in common? The ability to balance on two wheels and lean through turns regardless of what put them in motion. For children, walking and running are the natural means of propulsion. The simplicity of STRIDER bikes allows children to concentrate on the fundamental skills of balancing, leaning and steering while propelling the bike in a natural way.


Although a balance bike is the perfect bike to prepare a rider for a pedal bike, don’t rush pedaling. Secondly, never ever use training wheels! Striding and practicing balance is fun! Even if they appear to be striding like a pro, moving to a pedal bike too soon can derail progress. The weight of a pedal bike is significantly more (sometimes two to three times the weight of a STRIDER), and handling that extra weight can be very frustrating to a child. The lightweight simple STRIDER has a ”fun factor” simply not available on a heavy pedal bike. Keep it fun to keep kids engaged. Even after learning to pedal, keep the balance bike available to continue developing the child’s balance skills.


Be confident that the time spent on the balance bike will have them easily transitioning to pedaling when the time comes, and with the improved skills they gained it will be a safer and more enjoyable ride. For some, this could easily be their “forever bike”!


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