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The Importance of Active Play

The research is in and we can’t ignore it. To be the best version of themselves, your child needs to be active every single day! According to an article published by the Australian Toy Association, children over 5 should spend no more than 2 hours per day in front of a computer, electronic device or television. For toddlers, that figure is just 1 hour.


Why is active play so vital for our children?

There are many reasons why active play is so important for our children. After all, the great outdoors is full of sights and sounds to be fully explored. There are fewer opportunities for active play than when we were children. Less urban play spaces, fewer siblings perhaps, and less school time devoted to sport and play. Young children are experiencing a much more sedentary lifestyle than in the past, which can lead to more significant issues, such as obesity.


How can I help my child or grandchild to be active?

The best way to initiate active play with your child or grandchild is by role modelling and participating yourself. Regardless of the abilities of your children, each family should strive to be active every day. Incorporate unstructured free play into the day, such as striding or pedalling to and from a destination or helping around the garden. Choose appropriate and accessible toys and sports equipment, such as a balance bike. If children are shy or not well-coordinated, be sure to offer plenty of encouragement. Whatever toys you select, allow your child to set the pace with new challenges, while you join in or watch as needed. Active watching can be fun, as you learn what your child enjoys. You can offer praise and simple feedback to help them improve.


Perhaps your family already lead a very active lifestyle. A Strider balance bike is a great toddler bike and can give even a very young child the opportunity to spend time out of the pram while out and about. Setting the right foundation in the early years is so important. You may even find your child is inspired to try a wide range of active pursuits, stemming from the self-confidence gained from riding a two-wheeler at a young age.


What are the long-term benefits of active play?

There are many long-term benefits of active play for children. Not only does it promote creativity and teach independence, it allows children to explore and discover what their bodies are capable of. As children have the freedom to move at their own pace, every child can engage with active play and feel good about what they can do. The learning and growth that occurs from being active is significant. It can impact on your child’s ability to deal with challenges they meet throughout life, through the development of physical, social, emotional, language and intellectual skills. By stimulating the whole body and mind, children are able to learn at their best. You can help your child, or the child in your care, to build on and explore a range of movement skills by providing them with a range of play items. One of these may be a balance bike, which teaches the fundamentals of balancing, leaning and steering.


What makes a Strider Bike the natural choice?

Strider bikes make a great first bike for children. Strider balance bikes help children as young as 18 months to develop their bike skills and learn to ride on two wheels. For children, walking and running are the natural means of propulsion and this is the way they learn to ride a Strider Bike. By allowing children to have their feet on the ground and set their own pace, Strider balance bikes build confidence and remove fear. When kids feel secure, their natural curiosity kicks in and you will find they quickly learn to steer and balance, and continue to push themselves to try new skills.


Strider balance bikes are super-light with low seats that can be adjusted easily as your child grows. They are tested against very strict safety standards, so you can rest assured your child is in the best hands. Our 12-inch balance bikes are hugely popular, suitable as a toddler or pre-schooler bike for kids ages 18 months to 5 years.


Think back to your own childhood for a moment. As a kid, it’s all about fun and adventure. Kids naturally love to play, explore and expand their mobility. Learning to ride a bike is a natural step in the developmental experience. Balance bikes are allowing children to reach this milestone earlier than ever before. This early-riding development increases their overall balance and coordination, which will help in all aspects of their lives. Striding and practising balance is a fun and easy way to incorporate active play into your family’s day!

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