Author: Kaitlyn C   Date Posted:1 April 2019 

Dear Strider,

I am sure you get lots of emails of success strories but we really want to let you know how awesome we think your bikes are and how it has helped our son to learn to ride. We got him his Strider at 18 months but he didn't show much interest until about a year later. Then, he loved it, and in the last 6 months (aged 4) he has moved to a pedal bike with no training wheels required. And then yesterday - at 4 and a half, he jumped on a PeeWee50 for the first time and took off no problems. Proud parent moment or what! And we know your balance bike played a part in his ability. I have attached a short video for you :)

Anyway - big thanks and big thumbs up to Strider :) Now it is our daughter's turn to follow the tradition.

Cheers Kaitlyn C

ACT, Australia


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