A Mum's Perspective - Give The Gift Of Going With A STRIDER No Pedal Balance Bike

Author: Nicole Kotarac   Date Posted:13 December 2013 

Source: the adventures of J-man and Miller Bug  http://jmanandmillerbug.com/2013/12/give-the-gift-of-going-with-a-strider-balance-bike-review-giveaway.html

I received a Strider Balance Bike to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

I don’t think I have to tell you that my MillerBug is always on the go.  People look at him when we’re out and comment on the amount of energy he has and all I can do is smile and nod my head.  Because he’s all boy, all the time.  And as his mom, it’s my responsibility to run that energy out of him each and every day so that he curls up in his bed tired each and every night.

As he’s gotten older, I’ve been looking for more ways to do that.  He’s outgrown his tricycle.  His scooter has lost it’s appeal.  And all  he has wanted to do is ride a bike like his big brother.  And while I’ve thought this is a fabulous idea, the one thing that has held me back is worrying about him getting hurt.  You see, he’s still growing into his little body and even with training wheels, he doesn’t feel secure on a bike.  He wants to speed down the road but his legs won’t peddle as fast as wants them to go.  And I noticed that every time he tried, he would put his feet down as he was going, getting caught in the training wheels and creating a big mess.  So, I started looking for better ways.  Ways that would combine his need to be on a bike with his desire to go as fast as his little legs would carry him.  And when I came across Strider Balance Bikes, I knew I had found my answer.


The Strider Balance Bike is a pedal free bike that helps even the youngest children develop coordination, balance and confidence!  The removal of the pedals (and training wheels) allows them to use their own legs and feet to fuel their fun.  PLUS it helps them develop a great sense of balance that will allow them to easily transition to a regular bike when they are ready.

Strider Balance Bikes are designed for any child who can walk and are a fun way to get your little guy or gal active!  MillerBug recently had the chance to put the Strider ST-4 Balance Bike to the test and from moment one, he was off and riding.  The ability to use his feet and tap into his already developing skills had him confident enough to get on and go!  And at only 6.7 pounds, this bike was the exact perfect size for him, ensuring that he could go where he wanted with very little help from mom and dad!

I have been thrilled watching him take off down the road and do exactly what he set out to do – fly down the pavement with speed and confidence.  And the look of sheer delight on his face, well that’s an added bonus.  Because when he rides on his Strider Balance Bike, I see nothing but a fearless little boy who knows he can conquer the world.


About Strider Sports Australia

Strider Sports Australia is the official Australian distributor of STRIDER No Pedal Balance Bikes for Strider Sports International, Inc. Strider Sports International, Inc. design efficient, no-pedal balance bikes that encourage toddlers to ride, learn, and explore the world on two wheels. Founded by Ryan McFarland in January 2007, Strider Sports is a company full of passionate riders of dirt, mountain, street, and road bikes. The goal of Strider Sports is to simplify a bike to its essence, so that proper size, lightweight and simplicity combine to eliminate any fear of riding and instill confidence in young new riders. The patented STRIDER™ No-Pedal Bike is now distributed worldwide. To learn more and to find a retailer in your area visit http://www.stridersports.com.au

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