Does My Child Need Riding Gloves ?

Author: Nicole Kotarac   Date Posted:28 August 2017 

Does Your Child Need Riding Gloves? What Purpose Do They Serve? Full Finger Gloves or Half Finger?

We often get asked by parents purchasing their child's first STRIDER Bike do I need to purchase Gloves for my child so lets look at why we wear gloves for riders big and small.

Gloves either full finger or half finger provide padding that reduces vibrations between your child's hand and the bike. This is important when you child is spending a bit of time riding on concrete pathways or bumpy tracks. Padding also reduces pressure on joints and nerves in the hand.

Gloves protect your child's palms in case they attempt to use them to break a fall and like regular gloves, they can keep your child's hands warm in cold weather, especially since their hands aren't moving as much as their legs. Likewise in warm weather gloves wick sweat away from your child's hands.

If you decide to involve your child in BMX racing and join your local Mini Wheelers group with BMX Australia it is a requirement for children to wear Full Finger Gloves on the track. This ensures your child's hands are protected during a fall and also provides additional handlebar grip by absorbing sweat and dirt.  

Our range of STRIDER Race Gloves include both Full Finger and Half Finger options in sizes Small for 2-3 years and Large 4-5 years.

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