Striders 12

12” Balance Bike for kids 18 months to 5 years

These are our most popular range of balance bikes as it enables little ones to learn to roll, glide and turn on a bike with confidence and most of all, fun and laughter. If you’re not convinced simply take a look at some of the YouTube videos of kids having a great time on their Strider balance bikes.

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14” Balance Bike for kids 3-7 years with Attachable Pedal Kit - 2 Bikes in 1

These revolutionary STRIDER Balance Bikes convert to a Pedal Bike with our Easy-Ride Pedal Kit when your child has mastered balance, steering and control. As two bikes in one, it sets a new standard as the best first pedal bike for children 3-7 years and creates the foundation for instant success.

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Striders 16

16” Balance bike for kids 6 years and over

If you thought that balance bikes were only for little kids, think again. Many kids these days haven’t had the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike or want something a little different to ride at the skatepark. This range of balance bikes is also a huge hit for kids with special needs that might need a little more encouragement and stability when learning to ride.

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Striders 20

20” Balance bike for teenagers and adults

Combining simplicity and ease of use, our 20” balance bikes for older kids and adults are a great way to get someone who's never been on two wheels up and running (or should we say rolling) in no time.

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Welcome to Strider Sports where we have a passion for balance bikes and getting kids on two wheels. 

If you have a little one between the ages of 18 months and 10 years old, there’s going to be a point in their lives where they’ll want to learn how to ride a bike. Some so called ‘kids bikes’ are large, heavy and bulky and can take the fun and safety out of learning how to balance and roll on a bike. 

Strider balance bikes are different. With a lower centre of gravity and the drive chain and pedals removed, this enables little ones to balance, roll and learn how to run a bike with the safety feature of being able to put their feet down when they need to. This not only leads to greater confidence on a bike (because they feel safe) but also less scrapes, bumps and tears.  

If you have an active little one that loves being outside then a Strider balance bike might be just the thing they need. We have balance bikes for boys and girls and balance bikes to suit a range of ages from 18 months through to adults.