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Why a Strider balance bike makes a great first bike for kids.

STRIDER™ balance bikes are industry-leading balance bikes that help children as young as 18 months learn to ride on two wheels. STRIDER balance bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels and many Australian parents are looking at our bikes for their kids’ first bikes.

The STRIDER’s simple, no-pedal design of our balance bikes (also called glider bikes, running bikes, no-pedal bikes) builds confidence and eliminates fear by allowing kids to have their feet on the ground and progress at their own pace. This unique design teaches young children balance on two wheels right from the start, avoiding developmental delays typical with tricycles and training-wheel bikes.

“Within a week he had mastered the bike – lifting up both feet and balancing. Now he is almost two and loves riding at the BMX track and skate park with his big brother Riley. It has given Travis so much more independence as he is able to ride everywhere and anywhere without being hindered by training wheels.”

Genuine STRIDER balance bikes are the lightest balance bikes in their category, have the lowest seat height (for the youngest starting age), and are tested to the most stringent safety standards. Frame-integrated footrests, proprietary components, and the ability to easily adjust to a growing child, make the STRIDER the only bike your child needs to develop their riding skills and successfully transfer onto their first pedal bike without training wheels.

Our most popular range is our 12 inch balance bikes which are a great balance bike for kids aged 18 months to 5 years.

We also have balance bikes for older kids and understand that if kids don’t learn to ride early, their fears about bikes can grow. Strider balance bikes for kids aged 6 years and older are the perfect way to introduce your older child to bike riding and balance.

Adults don’t get left out either – our Strider 20” range is great for older teenagers and adults who are learning to ride for the first time.                                                                         


From the company Founder all the way to the warehouse shipping staff, Strider Sports Australia is full of riding enthusiasts, most of whom are also parents of young STRIDER-riding children. Our team knows kids, knows riding, and knows how to make a learning bike that truly functions for young riders.


At Strider®, we love riding bikes and we love inspiring kids to ride. Our mission is to build lightweight, efficient, all-terrain bikes that build two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children.


STRIDER balance bikes are the result of 8 years of development, manufacturing improvements, riding, observation, testing, and even racing. When you purchase a STRIDER, you buy into the 'club' that is TEAM STRIDER, you become one of the early adopters that are changing the paradigm of how kids learn to ride and setting the new standard at how young children explore the world on two wheels.